About Terrible Twins

Terrible Twins make products for natural well-being and beautiful interiors.

Our collections are available in our own store and via distributors around the world. Terrible Twins was founded by designers and product developers Sara and Karin Ström.

The company is based in the entrepreneurial town of Insjön in the scenic county of Dalarna. Our Spa Series, launched in 2013, has become very popular. Our Spa Series, launched in 2013, has become very popular. It contains 10 scents each represented by a number and available as soap, liquid soap, bath salt, bath oil, salt scrub, body oil and scented candles. Letters and numbers is a collection with interior design products such as candles, pillow shams, tea towels made of linen. Since 2009 we manufacture wheat warmers and other products in our Linen Series. They are sewn in 100% pure linen in a multitude of vibrant colours.

Honesty and a natural simplicity are at the heart of the business.

All products are made using local ingredients of the highest quality. Packing is made of recycled glass or paper labelled with product information in a simple, yet bold font.

Terrible Twins was founded in 2006 but sisters Karin and Sara have been working as designers and product developers since the 1980s when they created collections of clothes being sold in the markets of London. Then they were wearing the 1980s classics: leg warmers, pink lipstick and light blue eye shadow and soon they became known as the “Terrible Twins”. In the 2000s, Karin and Sara returned to their home town of Insjöön after many years of work and travels abroad. When they decided to set up their business, Terrible Twins was a given company name.